The Dilemma of Finding an Alternative: Sine Die and Status Quo


The theory of alternative option emanates from failure of the existing practice and is a popular approach in all walks of life. The alternative option leads to changes, development and continuity. But finding the alternative is not an easy thing because the alternative has to be better than the previous failed one. The option is agreed to only when its viability is tested as better, if not the best. The universe is searching for option in every spectrum of life; broken homes, dilapidated administration, degraded environment, deplete resources and so on. The universal dilemma is the viable becoming unviable in due course of time. In other words, even if the option is viable, it becomes enviable and stays on Sine Die till another option is found again. Until then, the Status Quo is to be maintained.

In a poorly governed state, the entire state machinery and various factions of political party unanimously denounced its Chief Minister for bleeding the state near to death out of extreme corruption and nepotism. The demand for change of leadership for nearly a year by all political parties did not receive response from the high command at the centre. Some believed that the corrupt Chief Minister took his booty and filled the coffer of the center to urge for status quo while some rationalized that the centre deferred the decision Sine Die in the absence of an alternative leadership. The acceptable answer is that the Sine Die decision making process led to a Status Quo because there was no alternative leader. It was felt that appointing another leader would lead to the same unviable position and hence helping maintain the Status Quo would also mean enriching the central coffer. The Chief Minister was allowed to fill the central coffer because there was no one to replace him.

In the same fashion, many felt that the Congress rule government in India derailed governance internally and externally, promotes corruption and nepotism and the Prime Minister is a mere puppet. The criticism fades away in the absence of an alternative viable group to win the people. The Status Quo is a compulsion and will continue Sine Die until another viable group challenges the Status Quo.


Source by Margaret TC Gangte

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